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  1. "Kill Everything"
  2. "Tweet Tweet"
  3. "Going To The Beach"
  4. "I Like You"
  5. "Bumblebee"
  6. "Emily"
  7. "David The Negro"
  8. "The Iron Whore"
  9. "Wanton Nougat"
  10. "Smoke My Brain"
  11. "Ann (Live)"
  12. "Aqua-Man"
  13. "She Said, She Said"
  14. "The Journey Into Dinh"
  15. "Gene's Lament (Tree Love Theme)"
  16. "Opus 15 Fugue Trilogy in A (Take Me to the Tree)"
  17. "One Love For Boognish"
Released: 1987 on Cassette
Producer: Gene/Dean Ween

Fun Facts!

The title is a parody of the Jimi Hendrix album Axis: Bold as Love.

"Bumblebee" was re-recorded and released on God Ween Satan.

"She Said, She Said" is a Beatles cover. "Aqua-Ween" is a cover of Jethro Tull's "Aqualung".

Scott Lowe and Chris Hoecke have guest appearances on backing vocals.

A decent quality version circulates at browntracker.net.

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