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Ween spawned in New Hope, PA, in 1984, when 14-year-olds Mickey Melchiondo and Aaron Freeman met in 8th grade typing class. They were given their aliases after seeing the Boognish during an acid trip, Dean and Gene Ween. The two went on to record literally thousands of home recordings, released several tapes on different labels, signed with Elektra records and created their own self-contained universe worshiping the Boognish. Eventually the band broke up and wound up with a loyal following and an incredible 25 year run. Years and years passed until the boognish fianally appeared in the winter of 2015 to reunite Gene and Dean Ween.


Fun Facts!

Ween's public debut was a "Purple Haze" cover closing a 1987 talent show featuring Lauren "Rainbow" Fihe on drums.

They wrote the theme music for the Fox sitcom "Grounded for Life."

Honda optioned Ween's "Ocean Man" for a new ad campaign, unbeknownst to the band.

Deaner said the band writes around 50 songs for every album they make.

Ween were asked to provide a song for Muppets From Space. It was to be for the scene where Gonzo was sitting on the roof dreaming of where he might have come from. After the song was recorded, it was decided that all of the music in the movie should be funk/soul and they asked Ween to record a remake of "Brick House". They declined.

Ween performed "Fancy Pants" as puppets on Comedy Central's Crank Yankers.

Ween performed "Pork Roll Egg and Cheese" and "Don't Get 2 Close (2 My Fantasy)" in the movie, It's Pat. They also had speaking roles.

The song "Captain" was in a Dexter episode.

"You Fucked Up" was in an episode of Weeds.

"Piss up a Rope" was in the horror movie, U Turn.

Ween performed "Mutilated Lips" on MTV's Oddville.

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