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  1. "All That's Gold Will Turn to Black"
  2. "The Pawns of War"  
  3. "Big Fat Fuck"
  4. "Put the Coke on My Dick"  
  5. "Makin' Love in the Gravy"
  6. "How High Can You Fly?"
  7. "The Stallion (Pt. 5)" 
  8. "Suckin' Blood from the Devil's Dick"  
  9. "Monique the Freak"
Released: 1999
Producer: Ween

Fun Facts!

The cover photo is Deaner's ball bag.

Deaner put the all MP3 "album" to the Internet in 1999.

"Big Fat Fuck", "How High Can You Fly?" and "Monique the Freak" appear in remixed form on Ween's 2005 album of unreleased tracks, Shinola, Vol. 1.

"Suckin' Blood From The Devil's Dick" came from the Pandy Fackler tape from the late 1980s.

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