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god ween satan cd
  1. "You Fucked Up"
  2. "Tick"
  3. "I'm in the Mood to Move"
  4. "I Gots a Weasel"
  5. "Fat Lenny"
  6. "Cold + Wet"
  7. "Bumblebee"
  8. "Bumblebee Part Two" (appears on reissue only)
  9. "Don't Laugh (I Love You)"
  10. "Never Squeal"
  11. "Up on the Hill"
  12. "Wayne's Pet Youngin'"
  13. "Nicole"
  14. "Common Bitch"
  15. "El Camino"
  16. "Old Queen Cole"
  17. "Stacey" (appears on reissue only)
  18. "Nan"
  19. "Licking the Palm for Guava"
  20. "Mushroom Festival in Hell"
  21. "L.M.L.Y.P."
  22. "Papa Zit"
  23. "Hippy Smell" (appears on reissue only)
  24. "Old Man Thunder"
  25. "Birthday Boy"
  26. "Blackjack"
  27. "Squelch the Weasel"
  28. "Marble Tulip Juicy Tree"
  29. "Puffy Cloud"
Released: January 1, 1990
Producer: Andrew Weiss
Label: Twin/Tone Records

Fun Facts!

The re-issue came out in 2001 by Restless Records and jokingly referred to as the "25th Anniversary Edition" despite the album only being eleven years old.

Eddie Dingle did vocals on "Nan."

"Echoes" by Pink Floyd can be heard in the song "Birthday Boy" because they recorded the track over a previously used tape containing the track.

Gwar covered "Birthday Boy" on Slaves Going Single.

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