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12 golden country greats

ween country album

piss up a rope
  1. "I'm Holding You"
  2. "Japanese Cowboy"   
  3. "Piss Up a Rope"
  4. "I Don't Wanna Leave You on the Farm"  
  5. "Pretty Girl" 
  6. "Powder Blue"   
  7. "Mister Richard Smoker"    
  8. "Help Me Scrape the Mucus off My Brain"
  9. You Were the Fool" 
  10. "Fluffy"  
Released: July 16, 1996
Producer: Ben Vaughn

Fun Facts!

The original version of "Powder Blue" ends with a sample from Muhammad Ali. Ween were denied permission to use the sample by the Ali lawyers, but Elektra accidentally pressed the album. Repressings of the album contains a cut version.

Ween brought in a wide variety of legendary Nashville musicians including Charlie McCoy, Buddy Spicher, Bobby Ogdin and The Jordanaires to record the album.

Gener sings every song except "Piss up a Rope" and "Help me Scrape the Mucus off my Brain" which Deaner sings.

There are only 10 Golden Country Greats, not 12.

Deaner said he wrote "Piss Up a Rope" for his wife.

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