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Mickey Melchiondo, Jr., Ween's lead guitarist, also known as Dean Ween, Deaner, Miggy, Captain Mickey and Mickey Moist is the co-founder of the band. Deaner met the other half of Ween and soul brother in high school typing class, Gene Ween. They didn't get along at first, but soon found they were kindred spirits in their love for music. Mickey's side projects include the Moistboyz, and the Dean Ween Group. Mickey performs with several talented local musicians/friends on an almost nightly basis and has even been known to show up at Ween tribute band gigs and play.

Fun Facts!

He really hates that 4 Non Blondes’ song.

It is good luck for Mickey to perform barefoot.

Deaner still lives in and around his hometown of New Hope, Pennsylvania.

At the age of 13, Mickey thought himself how to play the guitar and drums.

Deaner worked at a Mobil station pumping gas before Ween.

Mickey was known for taking photos of his bare ass in band members' faces while they were alseep on the tour bus.

Deaner is a huge Marlyn Manson fan.

Deaner's guitar solo on ‘Transdermal Celebration’ was recorded with Carlos Santana’s guitar, pedalboard, and amplifier he "borrowed" for 10 minutes from a storage facility.

He is an avid deep-sea fisherman and spends much of free time fishing and chartering trips from his boat.

Mickey is friends with Josh Homme from Queens Of The Stone Age. He played guitar on three tracks from their record Songs for the Deaf, "Mosquito Song," "Gonna Leave You," and "Six Shooter."

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