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front cover


david sanborn
  1. "Fiesta"
  2. "Blue Balloon"
  3. "Friends"
  4. "Object"
  5. "Learnin' to Love"
  6. "My Own Bare Hands"
  7. "The Fruit Man"
  8. "Spirit Walker"
  9. "Shamemaker"
  10. "Sweetheart in the Summer"
  11. "Lullaby"
  12. "Woman and Man"
  13. "Your Party"
  14. "Bag of Fat" (iTunes exclusive track)
Released: October 23, 2007
Producer: Andrew Weiss
Label: Rounder Records

Fun Facts!

David Sanborn played saxophone on "Your Party".

They streamed the album on their MySpace page October 16–19, 2007.

"Bag of Fat" is an exclusive iTunes track.

It was named the 2007 Album of the Year by Magnet magazine.

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