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  1. "It's Gonna Be a Long Night"
  2. "Zoloft"  
  3. "Transdermal Celebration"  
  4. "Among His Tribe"  
  5. "So Many People in the Neighborhood"  
  6. "Tried and True"  
  7. "Happy Colored Marbles"  
  8. "Hey There Fancypants"  
  9. "Captain"  
  10. "Chocolate Town"
  11. "I Don't Want It"
  12. "The Fucked Jam"
  13. "Alcan Road"  
  14. "The Argus"
  15. "If You Could Save Yourself
(You'd Save Us All)"
  16. "Ohh Vah La" (Japan Bonus Track)"
Released: August 5, 2003
Producer: Andrew Weiss

Fun Facts!

Quebec was the first album released after the band's contract with Elektra expired.

"It's Gonna Be a Long Night" is featured in the video game Tony Hawk's Underground 2 and in The Shield.

The cover art was inspired by Thorns paper games for travel & leisure (shown left).

The video for "Transdermal Celebration" was animated by Disney animator Adam Phillips.

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