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  1. "Strap on that Jammypac"  
  2. "Dr. Rock"
  3. "Frank"
  4. "Sorry Charlie"
  5. "The Stallion Pt. 1"
  6. "Pollo Asado"
  7. "Right to the Ways and the Rules of the World"
  8. "Captain Fantasy"
  9. "Demon Sweat"
  10. "Molly"
  11. "Can U Taste the Waste?"
  12. "Don't Sweat It"
  13. "Awesome Sound"
  14. "Laura"
  15. "Boing"
  16. "Mononucleosis"
  17. "Oh My Dear (I'm Falling in Love)";
  18. "Sketches of Winkle"
  19. "Alone"
  20. "Moving Away"
  21. "She Fucks Me"
  22. "Pork Roll Egg and Cheese"
  23. "The Stallion Pt. 2"
September 20, 1991
Producer: Andrew Weiss
Label: Shimmy Disc

Fun Facts!

The record was recorded on a Tascam four-track

They did Scotchgard bong rips during the recording sessions.

The cover art on this album is a takeoff of the 1975 The Best of Leonard Cohen LP record cover (shown left).

The song "Alone" borrows the guitar riff/melody from Robyn Hitchcock's "The Bones In The Ground".

Dean and Gene both contracted mononucleosis during the recording process. The Pod is the aural result of their illness.

The record was recorded at The Pod on Van Sant Road in Solebury Township, Pennsylvania.

The album was recorded on two tapes: the Bilboa tape and the Big Timmy Wasserman tape. .

Mandee the cat was present during the recordings.

Mean Ween played the bass on "Alone" who is also featured on the cover doing Scotchguard bong rips.

Howie Weinberg remastered the record.

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