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FREEMAN is Aaron Freeman's side project featuring Aaron on Lead Vocals/Guitar, Chris Boerner on Guitar, Brad Cook on Bass (studio), Joe Young on Bass (live), Dave Godowsky on Keys and Kyle Keegan on Drums. Freeman's self-entitled debut was released July 22, 2014 and soon took his new band on the road playing songs from their new record along with Ween classics like "The Grobe" and "Molly." The 12-track effort was produced by Chris Shaw (Bob Dylan, Public Enemy) and came out two years after Freeman’s solo debut, his Rod McKuen tribute record Marvelous Clouds. The album features a distinct spiritual influence, as Freeman turned to Kabbalah readings and James A. Michener’s novel The Source.

FREEMAN Tracklist

01. Covert Discretion
02. The English and Western Stallion
03. (For a While) I Couldn’t Play My Guitar Like a Man
04. El Shaddai
05. Black Bush
06. Gimme One More
07. More Than the World
08. All the Way to China
09. Golden Monkey
10. Delicate Green
11. There Is a Form
12. I Know a Girl

Fun Facts!

Jack Black "leaked" the lead single on his Facebook page.

FREEMAN'S debut album was recorded in nine days.

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