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  1. "Introview"
  2. "Talk to Me About Erica Glabb"
  3. "Intro/Nippy Wiffle"
  4. "Jelly (Part I)"  
  5. "Boobtalk"
  6. "Boobs (Nice Version)"
  7. "Boobs (Telephone Version)"
  8. "Go!"
  9. "Stresstabs"
  10. "Drinktalk"
  11. "I Drink a Lot"
  12. "Jessica"
  13. "Red As Satan"
  14. "Murphy Flattens His Frustrations"
  15. "Cowbell"
  16. "Ingrown Mayo"
  17. "Duke of Denim"
  18. "Blow It out Your Ass"
  19. "You Fucked Up"
  20. "Talkthing"
  21. "I Drink a Lot (Nice Version)"
  22. "Hey Bullfrog"
  23. "Smash My Head"
  24. "(You) Piss Me Off"
  25. "Justalking"
  26. "Blue Hair"
  27. "Sweetness (Parts I and II)"
  28. "The Refrigerator That Wouldn't Close"
  29. "Mindfuck"
  30. "Livetalk"
  31. "Boognish"
  32. "Boobs (Part III)"
  33. "Yolk"
  34. "Shnagenhausen"
  35. We Seen Ween Bean"
  36. "Everyone's a Lesbian"
  37. "Yeah, Sure"
  38. "Oik"
  39. "Jelly (Part II)"
  40. "Outroview"
Released: 1986/1987 on Cassette
Producer: Gene/Dean Ween

Fun Facts!

Deaner and Gener were both the ripe age of 16 at the time of this first release.

"You Fucked Up" is the first track on God Ween Satan.

The original tapes appear on eBay from time to time and come with a high price tag.

A decent quality version circulates at browntracker.net.

"The Refrigerator That Wouldn't Close" was recorded live from WTSR.

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