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Moistboyz was formed in 1992 by Mickey Melchiondo and Guy Heller. Since then they have recorded and released one EP (Moistboyz I), three full albums (Moistboyz II, III & IV), multiple singles and a live concert DVD devoted to their unique brand of fast paced punk and metal flavored rock and roll. Previous touring line up of Moistboyz have included members of Ween, the Sound of Urchin and the current live line up consists of Guy, Mickey, Mondo Generator/Queens of the Stone Age bassist Nick Oliveri and drummer Hoss Wright, along with guitarist Stephen Haas, who mixed the new album. Like Ween, Mickey and Guy created their own aliases: Mickey Moist and Dickie Moist.

Moistboyz Discography

Moistboyz (1994)
Moistboyz II (1996)
Moistboyz III (2002)
Moistboyz IV (2005)
Moistboyz I+II (2005)
Moistboyz V (2013)

Fun Facts!

Moistboyz III was released on Mike Patton's label, Ipecac Records.

Moistboyz III was the first Moistboyz record to feature songs with real drums, performed by Lou Croschetti.

Moistboyz IV features Claude Coleman, Jr on drums, and bass by producer Andrew Weiss on Fuck You.

The first Moistboyz EP and Moistboyz II were originally released on the Beastie Boys label, Grand Royal.

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